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I decided to do the motor swap after boring my 22r over 60, install a cam, mounting headers and a Weber Carb. To find that I still could not find the kind of  power I was looking for , plus it would not pass the California smog test. I had seen two of my good friends do motor swaps. Both v8's in Land Cruiers one was fuel injected TBI motor. I all so  read all I could on the subject,'s sites Toyotas owners Mailing list and as many motor swap web sites as I could fine and of course Advanced Adapters cataloge . I then decided on the motor, the Vortec 4.3 liter v6. I found the complete motor, trans, and all the electronics( or so I thought) at Rancho Chevy Dismantling in Northern California. A 98 v6 with 43k on the motor for $2,500. and the fun began.  



The Motor


The Install