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San Gabriel Canyon ,Ca. O.R.V. Area

Is where I find my shelf on most weekends, it is a open O.R.V. area and is about 20 minutes from Pasadena. It cost 5 dollars to get in and has different opening and closing times depending on what time of year you go. There are lots of different kinds of terrain depending what time of year and water level in dam, it can range from a big mud hole with some sandy or filled with water, leaving the rocks at the top of the canyon to play with. Either way you will always find someone there to pull you out of a jam or just talk to. I have many pictures of me and my crew at play in the Canyon. So if you see me let me know what you think of my site and say hi.

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azusa flex.jpg sergio in rut.roy get evil sergio out of rut. core.

all the way in the water in to deepno water crosing todaywater crossing azusa.water crossing 2roy on the rocks azusa 2roy in azsua on the rocks

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