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Big Bear, Ca.

What can I say about Big Bear it a great place to go wheeling, it is about two hours from Pasadena and you must have a Adventure Pass to enjoy the trails, ranging from graded dirt roads to rated 4 trails and worst when it snows. We didn't take   many pictures of us out on the trial but there will be more to come as we go every 4th of July .I especially like the Dish pan springs trial it has a big rocky section which is allot of fun to negotiate and a nice water crossing.                                                  (click on pictures to see full size image)

what jeeproy with wheel up

me and roy  on the trailon the trail to the wallme three wheelingme three wheelingme top of the wall.

me and the on the wall 2.roy three wheeling roy at the wallroy at wall 2roy wheel uproy only needs three wheels

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