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Miller Jeep trail/Yellowjacket

me and the boyz yellowjacket wheres roy

The Miller Jeep Trail is located about one and half hours away from Pasadena on the grapevine or I 5 freeway. There is no day use fee but you must have an Adventure Pass. The Miller Jeep Trail/Yellowjacket was my crews first run with some of the guys from off's toy4x4 listers, and we had a great time and would run with those guys anytime. Well after showing up late to the meeting spot in Gorman we were on our way. We drove out through lockwood valley where we hit the dirt.We aired down the tires and meet three guys two in broncos and one in a jeep. We found that the trail was still partly covered in snow/mud. shortly after the first hill two the rigs had to leave us due to automatic transmission problems with a 4runner. We continued to battle trail conditions until we reached the Yellowjacket trail head where we stopped for lunch and got to know each other better and started to size up the hill climb in front of us. When the the guys in the broncos gave the hill a go. We waited to see if they could make it over the top when we all heard one the guys yelling for help, he was about two hundred yards up from the base of the hill after a unsuccessfully try at the top. Luke Miller and Sergio came to his aid. one of the broncos had lost power in a corner and slid off the trail. After some trail style engineering we got him hooked up and winched back onto the trail. We all decided that the trail had become to slippery to take many stock truck over,so we drove down Yellowjacket for awhile then turned back to drive out the way we came in.reaching the point where we had aired down. where Joe's front drive shaft separated trying to drive over some boulder he removed the drive shaft and we where on our way to air up in town and go our separate ways. thanks to everyone and special thanks to Luke Miller  

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 luke on the first hill.joe prepiaring to be winched.miller jeep trailmiller jeep trail at yellow jacket intersectionluke hill side miller jeep trial.sergio hill side miller jeep trail

sergio yellowjacketjoe yellowjacketme yellowjacket sergio joe lukejoe seperates his dirveshaftkel in truck.lunch 4x4 group & bronco guysjoe on yellow jacketsergio on yellowjacketluke on yellowjacketshawn with trans troubles

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