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Little Rock Dam,CA

Little Rock Dam ORV Area is a open ORV area, it's about one hour from Pasadena. It has a day use fee of 3 dollars and you will need an Adventure Pass to enjoy the trails. Trails are rated 1-4   it's a beautiful area with a boat launching ramp, picnic areas, fishing and camping. Little Rock Dam ORV Area is where you start the Santiago Canyon trail, Well it was to late in the day to start up Santiago so we decide to test little of this canyon's mud. Just about every one in my group found them shelves stuck in it and Sergio snapped his transfer case trying to pull me out. We towed him back home and he has since replaced his transfer case with a new one.          From what I understand the Little Rock Dam ORV Area is now closed due to the breeding of some canyon frog, but Cal4wheel will still run a slightly changed Santiago trail ride from 4/9 through 4/10/99. It might be your last chance to run this trail for a longer    

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sergio gets stuck inthe waterroy get stuck in the mudroy gets unstuckjoe gets stuck in the mud

the crew at l rock 1crew at l rock 2me getting stuck in the mudme getting unstuckjoe gets out of the mudsergio at play in the sandroy playing in the sand

sergio gets stuck in the watersergio's blewed up transfer case(lr)haszel to rescue(lr)

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