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Big Bear's John Bull Trail


Roy (91 PU),Sergio(74 LC) and I went to Big Bear, CA. to meet Shawn Ooi and some other people from the Toy 4x4mailing list at off road .com to run the trails on the north side of the lake. As usual my crew was running late, and wasn't quite sure where we were supposed to meet. We didn't find any body when we got to the meeting spot, (found out later that we were at the wrong spot) and it was getting to be late in the day so we headed out on our own. We decided to run the john bull and had all run the trail before and knew it would not be to hard on our trucks. It was a beautiful day to be out on the trail (what days not). We did not run into any body form the list run and had no trail failures,

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bb2 me downhill.bb2 roy downhill.bb2 sergio downhill.bb2 sergio on trail.

bb2 me rock (roy).bb2 me rocksbb2 me rocks2.bb2 me rocks3bb2 me on trail.bb2 me downhill2.bb2 roy on trail3.bb2 roy rocks.bb2 roy on trail.bb2 sergio downhill2.bb2 sergio rocks.bb2 sergio on trail2.bb2 sergio rock.bb2 sergio.bb2 lunch.bb2 air down.jpg

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